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Neighbors No. 135 JulyAugust 2015 FREE

2 Introducing Historic Venue for Performance The Arts Managed and operated by the Friends of The Mill Works, The Packing House will offer programming in dance, music, film, literature, and the visu

3 Neighbors JulyAugust 2015 In this issue 4 5 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 31 32 34 36 37 37 38 40 41 42 Goodwin State Forest Photo by Jace Paul EncyclicalVegetable or Mineral by Loretta W

4 EncyclicalVegetable or Mineral By Loretta Wrobel While driving towards Hartford and listening to a news talk show, I hear mention of much reaction and excitement with the Popes encyclical. My first

Dear Neighbors, Letters and emails 5 Neighbors 5 I have a good friend in eastern Connecticut who is losing his vision and needs to connect with his community. This gentleman has lived his whole lif

6 6 Neighbors Willimantic, Now and Then Lets Change the World Over a Cup of Coffee By Mark Svetz The other morning I was sitting with a cup of coffee and some friends at the Willimantic Food Coop, w

7 were in Hartford testifying at a legislative committee hearing on needle exchange and slowing the spread of AIDS. The committee members were lecturing the experts about the high cost of running need

8 8 Neighbors From the Ground Up Buying Local in Connecticut Connecticuts Oldest Farmers Market By Dennis Pierce What is the Willimantic Farmers Market all about Inspiration. A trip on an early, m

9 Neighbors 9 Kate Callahan, the Assistant Market Master for the Willimantic Farmers Market preparing a broccoli coleslaw at the market on Saturday, June 27th. Dennis Pierce photo We have plenty of

10 The Science of Climate Change It Didnt Begin With Al Gore By Cathy Cementina As a cause for alarm, global warming could be said to be a 1970s idea as pure science, however, it is much older than th

11 would ultimately be used by the U.S. Weather Bureau at its observatory in Mauna Loa on the island of Hawaii. CO2 measurements have been taken at Mauna Loa continuously since 1959 and the resulting

12 12 Neighbors Lets Join Mark and Wrestle For Democracy future. By Len Krimerman But can this dramatic and revolutionary shift be replicated locally Mark Svetzs Wrestling with the Angels of A bett

13 Neighbors 13 it could reawaken the power and joy of everyday, neighbortoneighbor democracy. P.S. I just started reading Living Room Revolution, a wonderful book by Cecile Andrews that explores the

14 Climate change, racism and homophobia... Whats the connection By Pheobe C. Godfrey Conservative radio host Michael Savage in response to the Popes Encyclical May 24th, 2015, focusing on climate ch

15 in true character form. The tragedy of Dylann Roof is not only that nine innocent people were slaughtered in their own church but also that what Dylann did is essentially no different than what we

16 Our Deck By David Corsini Our house in the hill section of Willimantic has a deck off the dining room facing east and south. On the deck we have a table and chairs where Delia and I eat whenever t

17 The deck is also a perfect spot to watch the sky and other parts of the yard. When we dine on the deck in the summer, we watch the acrobatics of chimney swifts, turkey and black vultures, the occas

18 Summer Sun Bad for our skin. Good for our health. By June Hyjek Summer is finally here, and along with it, the welcome warm sunshine. We slather on the sunscreen, as weve been told, to block out a

Letters and emails Dear Editor, According to a recent article in The Willimantic Chronicle, Hartford Healthcare is cutting 418 full and part time positions, including 119 at Windham Community Memorial

20 How to Start A Bakery, Part Two By Andrew Gibson The day before the bakery opened, the baker said I quit in a two word email sent somewhere from the depths of New Jersey. And that was that. What h

21 sweetheart of a guy who learns fast. Not everyone does. BamBam is different. He is now independent enough to take over as Eric goes on vacation. It quite honestly says something about kids in wrest

22 22 Neighbors A Quiet Corner Film is Born, Part XI Rules for Filmmaking and Life By Dan McGinley The legendary Werner Herzog presented twentyfour rules concerning filmmaking and readily apply to o

23 Lately this is my favorite, and a steady beat from getting equipment to scheduling time while working fulltime on secondshift, to ignoring the very real concerns of loved ones who think its a fruit

24 Neighbors Eastern Connecticut from the Trails The Magic of Goodwin State Forest Article and photos by Jace Paul Isnt it wonderful that summer is at last underway Ive been hitting the trails regu

binoculars to see inland cormorants, geese, and green herons. Beaver are also present here and, if youre patient, you can catch a glimpse of them from the shore. A yellowblue trail heads east of the p

26 Looking Up 26 Neighbors A Night in the Field By Bob Grindle On a Friday night in midJune, a very small group of local stargazers a mere seven of us, actually met in a recently hayed field located

27 Joshuas Trust JulyAugust Walks Submitted by Angelika Hansen Sunday, July 5 900 am Dr. Greg Anderson will lead a hike of 90 minutes at the Knowlton Hill Preserve. featuring the trees seen from the t

28 Clarifying Gandhi 6 Was He Racist By P.K. Willey, Ph.D. This article is the last part of An Open Letter to Arundhati Roy by an American. We do not realize the great power of our words. Gandhis gr

29 farm life. When his community inmates questioned dressing like the Africans, he countered by asking why they would want to look differently from them. In India, wearing the topi was to become synon

30 2015 Steeple Chase Bike Tour Submitted by Mary Falotico directly. Willimantic, CT Steeple Chase Bike Tour organizers, Perception Programs and the Windham Area Interfaith Ministry WAIM announce th

A Blessing By Robin Lubatkin 31 Neighbors 31 In your bed, waiting for sleep to come, may the spirits of your departed beloved ones surround you and protect you kissing the air with sweet soft breath

32 32 Neighbors Practical Permaculture The Ethical Foundation By William Hooper Now that the growing season is well underway, lets shift from our previously more technical focus and explore our root

33 while wondering where the specialness went. Even average wealth, in the industrialized world, provides access to a level of information, a variety of foods, and an availability of globalized entert

34 Disbelief By Tom Woron In the summer of 1975 I was in a state of disbelief over the events of the previous months. What had happened seemed unreal. Here it is forty years later and the names of th

35 first entire province that the North Vietnamese forces overran since their major offensive in 1972. There was no reaction from the United States. In 1972 the might of U.S. airpower was the key fact

36 36 Neighbors Running with Dr. Rachel Staying Safe on the Run By Rachel Tambling Lately, the news has been filled with cases of runners in bad situations interactions with motorists that went poo

Music for Life By Ruth ONeil What About School Band 37 Neighbors 37 Candlelight By Lyla Maus You will remember to relax It is, after all, a precious day. A lit candle has only so much wax. Approach

38 Of Mushrooms, Earthquakes, and a Livable Wage By Edmund Joyce Smith The Think and Do Philosophy Club has been in existence since last fall, when we convened our first meeting within a local wareho

39 the challenge of novel perspectives, as well as the fealty between group members has urged rethinking upon us all, which in turn culminates in tendencies to modify our comportment through life itse

40 Nahaco Summer SingJam Music Series By Tom French You are invited to come share the music of your heart by beautiful rippling waters, or to simply come and listen to others as you feel the evening

41 CLiCK Grand Opening Neighbors 41 On Saturday, June 20th, Willimantics Commercially Licensed Cooperative Kitchen CLiCK held its Grand Opening. In photo at left Maraiah Popeleski, George Hernandez

42 Our Community Calendar Compiled By Dagmar Noll July 1, Wednesday Kids Summer Reading Program Every Hero Has a Story, 1100a.m. Explore the science behind superheroes with activities involving gravi

43 Neighbors 43 July 19, Sunday Community Food Ashford Farmers Market, 1000a.m. 100p.m. Entertainment by Mark Davis. Route 44, Ashford, across from the town offices. Theater Into the Woods, 130p.m. S

44 44 Neighbors Community calendar continued from page 43 artist provides stepbystep instructions for the painting of the night, or you can create your own Supplies included. BYO drinks and snacks. K

45 Neighbors 45 August 26, Wednesday History Transcribe Letters from the Civil War, 630p.m. See 812. August 27, Thursday Poetry Poetry in the Park, 600p.m. Vietnamese poetry read by Kevin Bowen, a po

46 Where to find Neighbors Ashford Ashford Spirit Shoppe Wooden Spoon Rest. Terrys Transmissions Ashford Post Office Babcock Library KSK Market Coriander East Hartford Raymond Library East Windsor Ge

47 Neighbors 47 a community market e e t h st h a r r ve s a al h lo c i ft g rd ca Everyone welcome 7 daysweek Monday Saturday 9am8pm Sunday 9am6pm 91 Valley Street, Willimantic CT 06226 www.w